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LFB Plasma Is Here For You!

We recognize that times are difficult and that the cost of groceries, gas, utilities, and rent continues to increase. LFB Plasma can help by paying you for your plasma donations while you help others by donating.

LFB Plasma Has New and improved Applicant Donor Payments

Applicant Donors receive $100 for their first ten successfully completed donations.  Applicant Donors are donors who have never donated at LFB Plasma or returning donors who have not donated in the last six (6) months and are eligible to donate.  This offer is payable as $100 following each of the ten successfully completed donations completed by 6/30/2022.

LFB Plasma Has New and Improved Qualified Donor Payments.

For a limited time, Qualified Donors receive improved (increased!) payments for successful donations.  These improved payments are only valid until 6/30/2022.  Hurry in to take advantage of this offer.  Visit or call your local LFB Plasma center today for details.

LFB Plasma Now Has a New and Improved Applicant Donor Referral Program.

Current Active Donors receive $100 for each referral of a new Plasma Donor who is new to LFB Plasma.  The $100 is payable to the Active Donor after the new Plasma Donor completes their 2nd successful donation.  Refer as many donors as you like and receive $100 for each referral!  There is no limit to number of new donor referrals.  You must be a Current Active Donor and have donated within the last 30 days to be eligible for payment under the Applicant Donor Referral Program.

Locations and Donation Hours

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