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LFB Plasma Donation Requirements
You must be in good health and between the ages of 18 and 65.
You must weigh at least 110 pounds.
You must have a picture ID with your date of birth. List of Suitable Documents that we accept are: Valid State Driver’s License, Military ID, a state-issued ID, or a Passport.
You must provide a document with proof of permanent address. List of Suitable Documents that we accept are: Piece of mail mailed to them in the last 30 days (electric/utility bill, current lease, cell phone bill, bank statement, pay stub, etc.)
You must show proof a social security card. Examples: Social security card, document with your name and whole social security number on it)
Because donors must be in good health to donate, some medications or medical conditions may make you ineligible to donate.

Save Lives, Earn Cash

Being a regular LFB Plasma donor can be a rewarding and fulfilling part of your life. Many donors feel like they get back far more than they give; just knowing that doing something so simple can save lives and the compensation helps with so many of their own costs.

Locations and Donation Hours
What To Expect At Your First Visit to LFB Plasma

The first time you donate at LFB Plasma (and each year thereafter) you will be given a brief physical examination. During the examination, a medical professional will record your blood pressure, pulse, and heart beat. You will also be asked a series of questions to make sure you are healthy and eligible to donate.

You are now ready to donate. You will be led into the donation room and seated on a recliner.  A trained staff member will extract your plasma into a sterile bottle and return your red and white cells at the same process.  This process takes between 35-50 minutes.  All the medical supplies used at LFB Plasma are sterile and are used only once and immediately discarded.

It is important to take care of yourself after your donation.  While plasmapheresis  has little to no side-effect, plasma proteins take 24-48 hours to replenish.  Having a meal and a large glass of water after each donation will help to replenish plasma.



What To Bring
Valid Picture I.D. with your date of birth (Driver’s License, Student I.D. or Military I.D. or Passport))
Proof of social security number (Social Security Card or Document with your name and whole social security number on it
Proof Of Permanent Address (recent mail within 30 days, current lease, utility bill, pay stub, bank statement, etc.)
Before You Donate at LFB Plasma
  • Ensure you are well hydrated: drink 4-6 eight-ounce glasses of water, fruit juice or other caffeine-free liquid at least 2-3 hours before donation
  • Avoid caffeinated beverages
  • Avoid nicotine or alcohol
  • Eat a well-balanced, non-fatty meal 
  • Get adequate sleep